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Wholesale Turkey, an extension of Gelişim Gıda, which has been active in the food, cosmetic, cleaning materials and packing  marketing sector since 2005, has brought a new touch to health and cleaning products. Gelişim Gıda, which started its marketing activities in 2009, became a popular representative and distributor of the region by gaining the trust of world-famous brands with its attitude and care that cares about human health. Gelişim Gıda, reaching thousands of locations throughout the country, continues to grow steadily with its wide service network. 

Gelişim Gıda also appeals to companies abroad. Gelişim Gıda sells wholesale in all Middle East, especially Iraq, Russia and Turkey. By creating the link between the manufacturer and the retailer, it offers the highest quality service for the retail sector in its region.

Gelişim Gıda, which meets the expectations of its customers with its warehouse areas, vehicle fleet and qualified workforce at the desired speed with a quality service approach, has left behind companies with centuries of experience in a short time.

Gelişim Gıda aimes to continue its journey with the trust and experience it gained with. Gelişim Gıda is also the official solution partner of P&G and Henkel brands. In addition, a large part of the hygiene and sanitary products are currently being marketed by Gelişim Gıda.

In the coming period, it aims to grow by expanding its product portfolio and by incorporating new products into its structure.

Gelişim Gıda is a stable and profitable growing food company that obeys the laws and business ethics and adopts modern production and management techniques.